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A Diverse Range for Specialised Packaging

At FME Flexibles, we recognise that unique products require specialised packaging solutions. That’s why our ‘Other Materials’ range is meticulously selected to cater to a wide array of specific needs. 

From robust Polypaper to the precise BOPET, each material in our collection is chosen for its distinct qualities and superior performance.

The Performance Behind Each Material


The Perfect Blend of Style and Durability

Polypaper ingeniously combines the printability of paper with the sealability of polyethylene.
Ideal for inexpensive packaging with a short shelf life, like salt or sugar sachets used in restaurants.


Unmatched Clarity and Strength

Our range of BOPET films, spanning thicknesses from 12 to 175 microns, is renowned for its exceptional clarity, strength, and dimensional stability. 

Catering to needs from lightweight, flexible films to more robust options, our BOPET selection delivers high-performance solutions for packaging, labelling, and industrial applications.


Tailored Excellence

Characterised by their excellent clarity, robustness, and moisture resistance, these films are particularly well-suited for food packaging, labels, and a variety of other applications where top-quality performance is essential.


Dependability in Every Layer

These materials are perfect for applications requiring high tensile strength, puncture resistance, and adaptability. Commonly utilised in films, bags, and diverse packaging formats, they are synonymous with reliability.

Customisable Sachets and Woven PP Bags

Our range of sachets includes Stand-up Pouches, Gusseted Pouches, Pillow Pouches, and Side Seal Pouches, offering versatile packaging options that marry function with visual appeal. 

Our sturdy Woven PP bags are ideal for heavier items like dog food and charcoal, providing unmatched strength and endurance.


RT PE stands for Room temperature sealant layer. This new material removes the necessity of heat when sealing a sachet. This new material was designed specifically with focus on it being environmentally friendly as it is completely recyclable.

Other products and services available are

Woven PP bags for Dog food, Charcoal and many other uses.

Sachets can be manufactured to order either:

Your Partner in Specialised Packaging Solutions

At FME Flexibles, our ‘Other Materials’ range is about more than just packaging; it’s about delivering solutions that truly encapsulate your product’s essence. 

Whether you’re in search of a customised solution or a proven material, our team is at your service.

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