Nursery / Agricultural Tag material

Precision and Durability

Nursery / Agricultural Tag Material:

In the world of agriculture and horticulture, the right tag material can make all the difference. At FME Flexibles, we understand the critical role that durable and legible tagging plays in these industries.

A Partnership with Nylopack

More than five years ago, FME Flexibles embarked on a mission with Nylopack to develop a tag material that blends quality with affordability. 

This collaboration has borne fruit, making us the largest suppliers of tag materials in South Africa today. 

With Nylopack’s ultramodern extrusion technology, we assure not just superior products, but also a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Our Nylotag Range: Tailored for Every Requirement

Nylotag material stands out for its paper-like finish, offering excellent printability and readability. We have designed our range thoughtfully, in various grades and thicknesses to suit different agricultural and nursery applications. Here is a closer look:

All thicknesses are available in any width between 70mm and 750mm and in the following lengths:


Grade 1:

Our Nylotag material has a paper-like finish to it and is manufactured in the following thicknesses

  • 110 micron
  • 120 micron
  • 150 micron
  • 250 micron

Grade 2:

Our Smooth Tag option was created specifically for anyone who may experience difficulty overprinting of Barcodes etc. it is currently manufactured in the following thicknesses

  • 120 micron
  • 150 micron
  • 250 micron

Meeting Diverse Industry Needs

Whether you are tagging plants in a nursery, labelling agricultural products, or need reliable tags for any outdoor application, our Nylotag materials are crafted to endure challenging conditions. 

They resist weathering, fading, and tearing, ensuring your information stays intact and legible.

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At FME Flexibles, our goal is to provide you with tagging solutions that are not just effective, but also enhance the efficiency and productivity of your operations. 

We are here to support your business with materials that reflect your commitment to quality and reliability.

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